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Bio-Response Service and Support

24 Hour Emergency Customer Service: 
317-902-0200 - Luke
317-432-3626 - Joe

2:37 AM, Sunday.  Your maintenance staff is out of town for a holiday weekend and your EDS program senses a critical alarm and shuts the system down.  What now?

Your Bio-Response EDS has the capability to call your maintenance personnel and alert them with alarm message.  Customer support, or any of your authorized maintenance personnel are able to dial into the EDS program from anywhere in the world, enter a series of security codes, and get your system back online.  Our remote access system is the most advanced in the industry and does not require you to purchase any special software or additional tools.  If you want to add users or computers, it is free and can be done in a matter of minutes from ANY computer with the proper security access.

Our systems are designed to run like your water heater at home.  We want it to operate like you do not even know it is there.


Pictured below, we are running a cycle on one of our EDS Systems remotely while driving through the mountains of West Virginia. Bio-Response offers cutting edge technology with maximum security for your facility.


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